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Test on 3/17/17  

Just an announcement that the test for both World History 1 and U.S. History that was scheduled for today, March 16, has been postponed until March 17 due to the delay schedule. Students, be sure that you are studying for your test!

Notebook Check on 3/2/17 for U.S. History   

Notebook Check on 3/2/17 for U.S. History

·     Early Exploration Notes

·     The Colonies

·     Revolution

·     Early Government “Critical Period”

Test in U.S. History  

Students will take a test on the Revolution on Thursday 2/24/17. Study guides have been handed out in class for students to complete and can be found on the google classroom.

Test in US History  

Just a reminder that there will be a test on the Colonies and the Early Exploration notes on Friday, Feburary 3rd. Students will be getting a study guide for the test tomorrow, and are expected to turn in a completed study guide on the day of the test. Also a notebook check will happen after the test. Students be sure to have a completed notebook ready on Friday. Anyone having any questions may email me or contact me me through the school. My email is chris.stacy@buchanancountyschools.com

Quiz in U.S. History  

Just a reminder to parents and students, there will be a quiz in U.S. history on 1/20/17. Students were given the study guide on 1/18/17 to allow them time to prepare for the quiz. Anyone missing the quiz will need to see me to reschedule a make up quiz.

If you missed class...   

Students, please check your Google classroom, or the assignment tab on this website if you have missed a day in class.

Welcome Back  

Welcome Back! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas break, and ready to return to school! As the new semester begins I would like to remind parents and students that each class will have an individual google classroom. Notes, announcements, and assignments will be posted there throughout the semester. Any parent wishing to be added to the google classroom feel free to contact me at the school. Assignments and Announcements will be added to the school website.