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Hurley Snow Routes 2016-2017
Posted On:
Monday, December 04, 2017





Hurley Area Snow Routes


Bus 2: Wilma Melvin


 - Hurley road from Hurley Elementary; Mouth of Mill Creek;


Mouth of Elk Creek; Hurley High School



Bus 41:Robbie Cline


 - Race Fork; main Road Paw Paw; Right Fork Paw Paw to KY Line;


Mouth of Swan Fork



Bus 206: Mark Cooper


- Main road from HHS to Mouth of Hiram Fork; Mouth of Coon Branch



Bus 21: Cheryl Justus


 - Old Lester’s Fork; Mouth of Brushy Fork Road; Mouth of Stacy Hollow;


Turning at Davis Fork



Bus 205: Greg Tester


- Main Lester’s Fork Road; Mouth of Davis Fork



Bus 30: Tommy Dotson


 - Hunt’s Fork, Abner’s Fork to Old Mining Roads,


Left Fork of Paw Paw and Mouth of May Branch.



Bus 49: Donna Hall


- Main Guesses Fork students meet at Little Dove Church; Main Knox; Mouth of


John’s Branch; Mouth of Hoover Camp; Mouth of Rustic Road



Bus 207: Brandon Davis


 - Left Fork Paw Paw; Main Road from Abner’s Fork;


Mouth of Puncheon Camp



Bus 208: Patricia Justus


 - Starlin Dotson’s to Right Fork of Guesses Fork to head of hollow ;


Mouth of Pounding Mill


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