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Hurley High School
6339 Hurley Road
Hurley, VA 24620



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Home of the Smiley Ratilif Feild



& The Hurley Rebels


Mission Statement


Hurley High School's mission is to nurture the
growth of each student's sense of responsibility
and to provide a safe, secure environment in which
students develop skills needed in a competitive world

Vision & Purpose

The school establishes and communicates
a shared purpose and direction
for improving the performance of students and the
effectiveness of the school.



Hurley high School is a fully accredited School




Events & News

  • SOL Testing will be May 6th through May 9th.
  • Graduation is set for May 23rd @ 7:00 pm in the Hurley High School Gym.



  • May 6th: SOL Test Begins.

  • May 15th:  Awards Day @ 9:00 am.

  • May 23rd: Last Day of School.




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